9/19/14 Takeaways

9/19/14 Takeaways

  • Primary and Secondary Market Research
    • http://www.is4profit.com/business-advice/starting-up/startups-primary-market-research-vs-secondary-market-research-comparative-analysis.html
      • Secondary market research is data that is already available and is often easier to get and more inexpensive compared to primary research. It can be used as a base to develop the primary research. It can be good data and free, but by the time it gets to you the information might be outdated. Primary research lets you have more control in finding out about your target market but it can be expensive and time consuming. Using primary and secondary research together will get the best results when trying to figure out what the target audience needs or wants.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Marketing Research
    • http://www.marketingdonut.co.uk/marketing/market-research/qualitative-or-quantitative-which-method-is-for-you-
      • Qualitative market research is finding out the behaviors of your target audience and quantitative market research is a measure of what the target audience is thinking. Using both of these methods together can be more valuable and give you a better idea of what the customer really wants. Like in the Dominos case study, a focus group can tell you how a customer feels, but then following up with a satisfaction survey can let the company know how satisfied the customers were with the changes they made.
  • Biometric Marketing Research Techniques
    • http://thearf.org/neurostandards-collaboration
      • I was wondering about biometric market research and how effective it was in accurately portraying consumer feelings about a product or service. If someone knows that they are being monitored, they will behave differently than if they would if they thought no one was watching. According to this article, some marketers are using nero-scientific data from research suppliersthat use techniques that have not been peer-reviewed or examined by experts. The NeuroStandards Collaboration was started so that research suppliers can submit their claims of neuro-scientific data so that it can be reviewed and critiqued scientifically by neuroscientists and phychophysiologists.
  • Market Research Methods
    • http://www.mmra-global.org/?page=WhyMobile
      • Mobile market research can let researchers get better feedback from consumers. They can see videos, pictures, talk to consumers and know what they are feeling at the moment they are using a product or service. The Mobile Marketing Research Association was developed to design studies that will help use data collected from mobile market research. They also set guidelines to ethically use personal data collected from mobile devices.
  • Positioning – Emotional

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