9/16/14 Takeaways

9/16/14 Takeaways

  • Writing Copy for the Web
    • http://contentverve.com/how-to-write-web-copy-that-converts-8-simple-techniques/
      • This article focused on writing copy that would generate more conversions. Start by setting a specific goal for what the copy is supposed to do. Conveying the message to potential customers that the value of what you have to offer is worth what they have to give up will generate more conversions. Ask “why”, “what” and “how” in that order when writing copy. “Why” will determine why a customer would or would not choose you, “what” will answer exactly what you need to convey to the customer about the value of your offer over another and “how” will answer how you will use that information to write the best copy. Using keywords like “get” and being clear about your message will let the customer know exactly what they will get in return for their investment. The author of this article showed that by being clear and precise in his copywriting conversion rates will be higher, but I thought that by his own practices the copy he wrote ended up being creative.
  • Domain Names, Business Names and Taglines
    • http://www.forbes.com/sites/steveolenski/2014/09/16/what-gaming-can-teach-marketers-about-taglines-brand-names-and-domain-names/
      • A business names should be uncomplicated. Using made up words or combining existing words can be hard for a consumer to pronounce or understand. It can also result in problems when trying to use it in a functional domain name. However, as the article points out, it sometimes works like for the video game Castlevania. Taglines should be action oriented. Say “Servicing our customers for however amount of time” instead of “in business since whenever.” A tagline or brand name should also give a potential customer a glimpse of what they are getting from you. Sometimes this is also not the case, like for Apple. A name or tagline should also be memorable for any potential customer. If the customer can remember the name of your business or even parts of it and it can be uses in the domain name, chances are better for your business to be found online.
    • https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/welcome-2012-02-25-en
      • I had no idea what ICANN was. Now I do. Basically. ICANN coordinates the domain names across the world so that there is one global internet. They coordinate the technical services for the Domain Name Systems operations. These technical services are the Internets Assigned Number Authority. The ICANN performs these functions under a government contract. And other stuff I’m not going to pretend I understand, but basically they make it so there are no identical domain names.
  • WhoIs
    • http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/index.jsp?bookmarked=84d1182fe7fc4eaf63cca54a21b1:9jF4
      • I also had no idea what WhoIs was either. When someone registers a domain name, ICANN requires the registrar to submit the contact information to the WhoIs database so that it is available for anyone to look at. People can check for expiration dates, they can look when transferring ownership and authorities can check if they are investigating criminal activity. The WhoIs database is public, but registrars can, for a fee, offer private listings. When someone looks up the information they will see their information not the owners.
  • Google SEO Guide
    • http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/index.jsp?bookmarked=84d1182fe7fc4eaf63cca54a21b1:9jF4
      • I just found out about this guide last week. I think that it’s a great resource for marketers and designers. Looking through this guide can help in designing a site and writing copy. It has all the useful information to optimize a site. I also think that if marketers and designers are at least familiar with the guide and glanced at it, it would help them communicate to the programmers what is important about the message of a site and where things need to go on a site.

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